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It TMs Better to Ask than Assume I had a boss once whose favorite saying was "Don’t assume. It makes an ass out of you and me." Drove me nuts, but you know what? It stuck. It was meaningful, memorable (although corny,) and it was repeated. (A meaningful and memorable message is more likely to stick with the audience. Repetition imbeds a message in the brain.) The communications lesson inherent in this saying is "know your audience." If
NHL jerseys you want your promise (message) to be meaningful, you need to understand what’s important to prospective buyers of your product or service. If you’ve been working in a
NFL jerseys china particular industry or market segment for a while, you may think you know what’s important. And you may be right. But why not ask and confirm your thinking? You’ll get your information "straight from the horse’s mouth," and you’ll avoid relying on potentially dangerous assumptions. I’ve snuck the term "market research" into my sub title. Some of you may gasp and yell, "Too expensive!" I say, "Not necessarily." and "Guesswork can lead to expensive mistakes." If you’re marketing computers or fast food, your potential target audience may be huge. You’ll need Research with a capital "R." Find a good research company preferably one with experience in your industry. Tell them your needs and budget and let them put together a plan for you. Those of us who work in small niches can do small "r" research. Here’s what I mean. Think of 3 5 questions that will help pinpoint prospective buyers’ hot buttons. Call your top customers and prospects and ask away. You’ll have great conversations, and you’ll learn something each time you talk to someone. Develop a matrix of everyone’s answers, and I’ll bet you learn even more. If you get bogged down on deciding what questions to ask or making the phone calls, call in a consultant. Whatever it takes to get information.

the price, with change in expectations engogenous to the change in price, which does make things a bit messy. I even had a paper on bubbles rejected from a journal once because the referee quoted Stigler on how there are no Giffen goods, and this business of demand rising when price rises in a bubble looks like a Giffen good. The piece of research presented above is extremely insightful and it reaffirms the point of view, which exemplies the existense of a diverse base of the so called facts and thoughts present in the subject field as there is no one, uniform policy, theory or think tank in the field. As always, phenomena keep changing,reality keeps reshaping itself, nothing is stagnant, nothing is definitive, everything is relative and a fact based on a certain time line, condition, fruit of thought, perspective and paradigm. Large Turbine Generator Industry" in this case, the effect is caused by an umbrella pricing strategy being employed by one of the players. We see it all the time with bubbles and their

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